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Maxibox Sage

Maxibox Sage

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The Aykasa Maxibox does not come with handles, but still folds within 3 seconds! Dimensions and specifications are identical to the Aykasa Maxibox (Active Lock). 

Made in Turkey

Durable lightweight

Various Colours

When folded the maxibox takes up only 20% of its original space!  


Exterior: W26.6 D17.1 H10.5 cm

Interior: W24.6 D15.7 H10.4 cm

Folded: W24.6 D15.7 H2.7 cm



Exterior: W40 D30 H14.5 cm

Interior: W37.6 D27.6 H14 cm

Folded: W24.6 D15.7 H2.7 cm



 Exterior: W60 D40 H22 cm

Interior: W57 D37 H21 cm

Folded: W60 D40 H3.6 cm

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